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The cave

The adventurers quietly crept into the cave, weapons held at ready, pent up magical energy burning off of them. A slow, steady drip from deeper in the cavern accompanied their hushed footfalls and the muted clink of their armor. Their eyes darted along the unsteady shadows caused by their flickering lanterns. They finally reached a spot where the cave made a sharp turn.

“Everyone ready?” the warrior whispered.

“Ready,” the mage, the cleric, and the ranger replied in unison.

“I’m ready for anything,” the thief whispered with confidence.

“Let’s go,” the warrior said.

With a deep breath, they made their way around the corner and stopped dead in their tracks.

“OK, I don’t think I was ever going to be ready for that,” the thief stated aloud.

What he wasn’t ready for was every single inhabitant of the cave standing in formation in the area the adventurers just entered. An Orc dressed in shiny black plate armor stood alone in front of the formation. He had been leafing through some scrolls when he saw them enter the room. He then strode towards the warrior of the group.

“Berguad, son of Missard?”

“That’s me,” the warrior stated.

“My name is Misk, and I have been retained by the inhabitants of Cave Hosskill as legal council. In this capacity I am serving you a cease and desist order, specifically from entering this cave and killing any of its inhabitants.”

“That’s why this cave is here. I’m well within my rights as a member of the Adventurers’ Guild to enter any cave at any time, dispose of its inhabitants, and take possession of the treasure within.”

“Why is Berguad talking funny?” the cleric whispered.

“His dad is a lawyer.”

“That isn’t so. According to section four, paragraph thirteen, and I quote, ‘an adventuring party must give a reasonable amount of time for the inhabitants of a cave to recoup their losses in life and property before entering the cave again.’ And you have not given proper time, as you have entered and cleared out this cave three times in the past week, and ten times in the past month.”

“Let me check my manual,” Berguad replied with eyes narrowed.

“Wait a sec,” the mage said, as it dawned on him what Misk said. “You’ve been here three times this week. I wasn’t there for any of those, were any of you guys?”

“No,” the other replied in unison.

Berguad looked up in horror from the manual, both from reading the passage and the growing realization that his group was going to mutiny on him.

“You have a choice Berguad,” Misk stated. “You can leave of your own freewill, or I can force you out.”

Berguad took off running for the entrance of the cave, not even looking back.

“I hope you guys weren’t going to stay. These Orcs have already been stripped bare as is.”

“Nah, we have to go find a new group leader. Never going hunting with that poser ever again.”

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