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On tribalism

Posted by brenatevi on July 25, 2008

They gathered at the the waterhole, each tribe carrying their totems high above their head, proud of the status their totem conveyed, and fearful of the opposing totems. The grunts and screams filled the air, the totems bobbing in the air like the surface of the ocean. This carried on for quite some time, but the most serious it got was flinging poop, and even then everyone on all sides enjoyed it. Then everyone got quiet and arrayed themselves in a triangle; things were about to get serious.

First up was a an old man carrying a symetrically deformed rock, painted black with four geometrical shapes marked out in red.

“P,” he said in a thin reedy voice. Everyone behind him ooked and eeked, while the other two groups gave raspberries and made crude motions with their hands. With his piece said, he nodded and sat down.

Next up stood a middle aged man, carrying a white rock, not as symetrical as the black rock. A green hatchmark glared out from the center.

“X,” he said with a broken voice, like a zombie resurrected a thousand times. Everyone behind him nodded sagely, while the other groups played dead. He shrugged and sat down.

Lastly, a very young man stood up, wringing his hands nervously, as if he was embarrassed to be there. The other camps were hooting before he even said a word. His response was twirling his strange totem, two very oddly shaped rocks connected by a piece of rope.

“N!” he shouted at the top of his lungs. His group, while much larger than the other two groups and containing many more different types of people, said very little, with only a few of the younger males ooking at all. Everyone else urinated on the nearest patch of grass.

A short while later, everyone dispersed to play with their favorite rocks.


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