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Ideas from dreams…

Posted by brenatevi on July 17, 2008

For those of you that don’t know me, or have been privy to my novel, I’m writing a story about a place called Dreamworld.  Yes, I know it’s been done before, but you know what?  If I tried to write about what hasn’t been written before, I might as well go back to watching TV.  Creativity is simply rehashing old ideas in different ways, and trying your best to shape the idea to fit your personality.  And dreams are a very interesting thing.  There aren’t really any rules, and I’ve read that controlling your dreams is a very liberating thing.   Some days I’ve been on the edge of waking and sleeping, and I have no idea if what I was seeing in my mind’s eye was me dreaming, me thinking, or are the two the same?  I do know that there is a very fine line between the two.  So, going over old word files, I found this:

tooth fairy’s heir (dream had brangelina as parts)
lady was doing a root canal? on her “general” when a group of people come up to her fortress/treehouse to challenge her hospitality (something about killing her if she handles it wrong). lady tells one of the guards to get the ninja there to guard then (ninja are invisible and strong, but few) lady tells them that she’s busy working on someone’s mouth and they all gasp. after she laeves they discuss whether she is the Tooth Fairy’s heir.

through the smile shows the soul
metal in the mouth gives metal in the skin
“Damn, sit still. I’d anethetize you, but I’m not sure how you’d react. From what you’ve been telling me, you’re lucky my tools are aluminum and carbon fibre. Don’t make me get the mace!”
“I swear, if I was back home…”
She sighed when the guard cringed. She wasn’t back home.

Never finished, and might never finish.  If someone likes the idea, have fun.


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