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Roughest draft ever!

I wrote these notes on To-do lists, 1″ wide and 6″ long.  I don’t have a lot of room to work with, so it’s all condensed.  It’s also disorganized, which I hope doesn’t get in your way.

Farmer, former soldier “After big loss, I just want to be a farmer.”

LL father harsh taskmaster, drives her in swords and sorc; LL rebels, turns to Ray for “satisfaction,” who slowly steals her power and life.  Father arrives, saves her, drives Ray off, dies. *Seduction of LL

Raid and loot, son dies, wives kidnapped.  King’s army arrives after it’s said and done.  Farmer is told he’s King’s son, but doesn’t believe.

*Seduction of LL

To use the nephew or not.  NOT.

Farmer tells king to bugger himself.  Goes off to hunt down Krug, takes all of the male survivors of village.  Find Krug, get beat, badly.  Villagers either killed or captured. (Arrogance of farmer)

*Seduction of LL

Farmer captured.  Hanging scene.  King’s men appear after battle over, chase Krug, save Farmer.

While the King’s men are away, Ray leads attack on castle, and completes usurption of LL’s powers.

King, magus, and farmer arrive just as Krug break down the gates.

Magus and Ray mage battle, exposition, Magus drives off Ray but dies from his wounds.  Passes power to LL.

Farmer gathers remnants of forces.  Generals fllow because king willed it, but only very grudingly, still doesn’t trust farmer to be patient.

And that’s where my notes end.  I’ll edit this later when I have more.


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