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Taking on the Big Dogs pt2

Posted by brenatevi on September 1, 2008

Altairan Homeworld
“The fighters are nearing the planet.”

“Intercept them. We open fire as soon as they are in range. Open comms to the Callisto.”

“Kaijon, these Korx fighters are nothing but mice.”

“Even mice can carry rabies. Don’t take them lightly.”

“Yes, pride leader. Following your lead.”

“Good. Let’s catch some mice.”

The fighters weren’t caught by surprise, opening fire as soon as they were within range, the rail guns spitting out pieces of metal. The Felinus frigates returned the favor, missiles arcing towards the Korx. The furball was on. The fighters danced among the frigates, the rail guns splatting against the frigates armor, as missiles exploded among them.


“The armor is working, sir. The shots are doing no damage.”

A missile connected with a fighter, tearing it shreds. The Korx didn’t give up though, even though it was obvious they weren’t doing very much damage to the frigates. They just kept coming. Finally, they weren’t.

“All fighters destroyed. Very minor damage to the Callisto. More fighters are inbound.”

“Not even mice,” Kaijon sniffed. “Let’s finish these off and go looking for bigger game.”

Felinus homeworld
“The Calibans are reporting stunning success. Two squadrons of Korx fighters destroyed while suffering only a blown plasma conduit, and ten radiation burn casualties.”

Griffen looked at the galactic map, and decided to end this war as quick as possible. “Order the Caliban and Callisto home, but they are to engage any Korx they come across, especially the colony on Winstone. Order the rest of the Caliban to attack. We’re going to hit the Korx homeworld.”

Korx homeworld, two months later
“That was too easy Kaijon.”

“Yes, milord, but we still have three more planets to invade.”

“No, no we don’t. They surrendered those planets to the Krynn, instead of letting them fall to us.”

“Then we have peace again.”

“For what it’s worth yes. Go rest up your crew. Who knows what foes lie out there, waiting for us to sink our teeth into?”


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Taking on the Big Dogs pt1

Posted by brenswriting1 on August 31, 2008

This is based off a game of Galactic Civilization 2 I was playing.

Felinus homeworld
“Sir, we just intercepted a message. The Korx declared war on the Altairans.”

“Dispatch a couple Calibans to Altairan space. I want an inspection of Altairan defenses.”


Altairan Homeworld
Captain Kaijon stood on the bridge of the Caliban, frowning at the readings before him. If the sensors were right, the Altairan defenses were beyond pitiful. A housebroke trog could have destroyed the fighters in orbit, and had enough energy to take a dump on the palace. The Korx fleets that were on the way were going to do more than that.

Not that Kaijon really cared, but he knew that he was the only force that had a chance against the Korx, and even that wasn’t a certain thing. The Caliban hadn’t been tested in combat yet, so there was no guarantee that the Caliban’s missiles and reinforced armor were going to be enough to stand up against the horde of fighters. Two untested frigates versus two squadrons of heavy fighters. It would be an interesting contest.

On the other hand, Kaijon might be ordered to raze the Altairans, depending his leader’s mood. It wouldn’t bother him if ordered to do so, but from the looks of it, they wouldn’t be much fun. The Korx on the other hand…

Felinus homeworld
“My gods, a castrated trog could take them out,” Griffen the Great exclaimed, demonstrating how all Felinus think the same, from the most common soldier to the leader.

“Yessir, but if we intervene, we will lose all of the trade routes with the Korx.”

“Do you really think that’s going to matter to me?”

“No sir, I’m just pointing out that they are our biggest trade partner.”

Griffen nodded, running his fingers over his whiskers. He knew that he shouldn’t even be pondering taking on the Korx, but since the Felinus and Korx shared a border, with two systems within spitting distance of each other, he also knew that if the Felinus were going to expand, they would have to expand through Korx space. The Altairans and Krynn were just too far to beat up on.

Besides, the Korx declared war on the Altairans, whose military is in bad shape… and the Felinus just can’t stand big dogs. Beat up on a kitten, will you?

“Order Captains Kaijon and Greeb to engage the Korx. We’re going to war.”

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