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Dreamers – Billy Grant

Posted by brenatevi on November 23, 2008

All Billy wanted in the world was to see Molly Casdon naked. He was fifteen, and unlike many other fifteen year olds in this day and age, he had no idea what to do once he got her naked, but he would cross that bridge if he ever got there. It didn’t stop him from day-dreaming about it. He did have an idea what she looked like under those clothes, ever since one of his uncles snuck him a Playboy.

It finally happened in algebra class. Billy was bored out of his mind, since he really hated math, and he found Mrs. Forest’s voice a droning metronome, ticking through his mind, and putting him on the boundary between awake and asleep. He’d been at this point many times before, taking in the math through osmosis, as his mind wondered through more pleasant pastures. Like seeing Molly naked.

Of course, he should have left those fertile fields for more, ahem, private settings, but he was particularly bored that day, and it did not help that he sat behind right behind her. Out of precocious self-control, he corralled the imaginings behind a fence so that they were just at the edges of his mind, where he could appreciate without giving it to the urge to take matters into hand. Ah, those soft shoulders, that beautiful neck…

Billy felt the world snap. Something happened between now and then, in a time and place he never knew about, and power flowed out of that when-where into his mind. The power homed right into his imagination, broke open the corral, and there she sat in her full glory.

There was a gasp from in front of him, and his attention from the reality within to the reality around him. He saw her naked shoulder, and it didn’t take him long to realize that the rest of her was naked also. She screamed and scrambled over the desks, streaking out of the room. He blushed, and crossed his legs, as everyone stared out the doorway the poor girl darted out of.

A moment later, he realized he heard her crying from inside his mind, as the teacher stared everyone in the classroom into silence, and then followed the girl out the door.

“It’s OK, Molly.”

“I swear I don’t know what happened,” Molly sobbed. “One moment I was listening to you, then…”

“I know. I’m sure I would have noticed you if you had walked in starkers.”

Molly laughed in that hysterical sort of way. “I don’t know what I’m going to do! I don’t know if I can call home. What would I tell them? ‘Hey Mom, my clothes disappeared while I was in algebra.’”

Billy felt shamed, but then it occurred to him that he shouldn’t be hearing this conversation at all. He knew that they were in the girl’s restroom down the hallway. He pushed his mind towards the source, and then he saw Mrs. Forest holding Molly close, the uncertainty wild in her eyes. He quickly shut down the image, pondering what it meant. Then he knew that he was the one that did this. He wasn’t sure how exactly he did it, but since he did it, maybe he could undo it.

He thought about what she had been wearing, every detail, and realized that they had been lying on the ground of his memory, next to the corral. He briefly thought about trying to dress her himself, but decided he had done enough damage that day (fortunate for him, because he lacked the control for such actions, which is what caused the problem in the first place.) Instead, he imagined them folded up next to her, where the teacher could see them. He heard a loud, “What the hell?!” in his mind and in reality, and he cut off the image, coming back to the reality of his desk.

Everyone in the classroom whispered and giggled as they sat and waited for Mrs. Forest to come back, pointing and laughing as they saw Molly walk past the classroom door.

“Oh God, what have I done?” Billy asked himself, closing off even the classroom from his mind. Yet, he could still feel the thoughtless malice pouring in from all sides, aimed at poor Molly, who would always be the target of whispers and back biting after this embarrassing event, which he somehow caused. He knew that he had to do something to fix this, to take responsibility for the clumsy, inadvertent harm.

“Class is dismissed,” Mrs. Forest’s voice cut through his mind like a scythe. “And if I hear anyone discussing this unfortunate accident with anyone else, they will pay a steep price for their indiscretion. And if someone brings it up, you will tell them the same thing. Does everyone understand me?”

Billy thought about those words, believed in those words, giving as much of himself as possible to those words. And his sacrifice of self gave those words power, enabling to bind all of those linked to the event, binding the words until the memories became hazy, and the event faded into obscurity. So Billy paid most of the consequences for his actions, but he was young, and he didn’t suffer much from it. The power linked to the words came back to him eventually. There was one last price to pay, and Billy waited impatiently for the end of school to pay it.

He had known where she had lived, as the bus had stopped in front of her house everyday. Of course, she wasn’t on the bus going home. The bus driver didn’t know that, so Billy got off the bus, the driver giving him a knowing wink. Billy swallowed, took in a deep breath, and knocked on the door. Mr. Casdon answered the door.

“Is Molly home?”

“She isn’t feeling well right now, can you come back later?”

“Could you pass a message to her? Could you tell her I’m sorry?”

“For what?”

“Just tell her that please? I’ll wait.”

He sat down on the porch, his mind walled off, not trusting any thoughts that passed through his mind; he had already done enough damage with idle thoughts. He heard the door open, and felt her eyes burn into his back. Gulping in a breath, he stood up and faced her.

“You know what happened to me?” she asked, staring at him intently, the anger right behind that implacable stare. She might have been humiliated and hurt, but she was definitely not cowed by those feelings.

“Yes, I think I did it.”

Her eyes went wide, and her emotions leapt out at him, smacking him as surely as if she had swung her hand. He staggered under the true weight of her pain, a moment of empathic vulnerability that tore through him like a thresher. He had understood that he caused great harm to her, but now he knew intimately how bad the damage was. He went to his knees, the tears coming unbidden.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t know what I was doing,” he repeated over and over.

Finally, she touched him gently, and the pain eased.

“So what happened?”

He quickly calmed, but was still chagrined. He really didn’t want to have to admit to this, but if there was ever a time to face the truth, now was the time. He stood up, her hand guiding him up. He finally looked in her pale blue eyes, and he let out one last breath, the tension easing out of his mind.

“Well, I’ve always had a crush on you, and I was bored out of my mind, and I kind of imagined you-“

“No way!” She exclaimed, laughter permeating her voice. “You couldn’t have, because that’s… well, that’s impossible!”

Then he repeated the conversation in the bathroom, and her eyes went wide.

“How? How could you have heard that?”

“I don’t know.”

“It isn’t the first time you’ve imagined me naked, is it?”


“Well, however you did it, don’t do it again.”

A quick trip back into his mind, and he padlocked the corral with thick chains, and then melted the key. He wasn’t sure it was going to work, but what the hell? He didn’t have anything to lose at this point. He didn’t want to cause her pain like that again.

“I locked it off from my mind. I think.”

“You better be sure. But any ways, how can I show my face at school again? Your little trick will be the talk of the school. I’m never going to be able to go back without hearing the laughing and comments.”

“I think I took care of that too. Mrs. Forest threatened the class, and I put some force behind the threat. But if they do talk, you can beat me up. I’m the one that caused this mess.”

She cocked her head to the side and studied him.

“Do you know what else you can do with this power?”

“I don’t know. I’m kind of afraid to even test it now. I don’t know what damage I can do.”

“You’re no use,” she said teasingly, “although I might forgive you if you have my homework assignments.”

“I never thought you’d ask.”


ZOMG! Writing! I probably should have finished the Nightmares storyline, but I haven’t had the patience to do that, and since this the first longish piece in a long while (I did write a flash fiction, but I’m saving that for a different place, once someone decides to proofread it [wink, wink, nudge, nudge].)

This started out with what seems like a very silly idea, and then snowballs into something more serious. It’s part of a much larger world, that I’m slowly and laboriously trying to finish. If I could just stop turning gray every time someone impinges on my personal image, I might actually finish the damned thing after 10 years of off and on writing.

One last set of thoughts: some people build worlds and then people them. I don’t do that; a thought about circumstances, or a phrase, crosses my mind, and then the people in those circumstances react, and sometimes my interest in those people cross over a thousand words, then ten thousand words, and more, until lo and behold I have a world that I didn’t quite intend to make. And then other things happen in that world, and I’m left with a history I didn’t ask for (or, with Dreamworld, a history that didn’t happen.)


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Nightmare pt37 – Rescue

Posted by brenatevi on October 15, 2008

They felt the ferals surround them, even though they had been at full gallop.

“We aren’t going to make it.”

“We can’t give up now.”

Then they saw a group of ferals rush into the road ahead of them.Yet, they didn‘t stop their horses, pushing hard despite the roadblock ahead. They could only hope that they could ride down the ferals, but the closer they got, the more ferals poured into the road, until finally they found themselves completely surrounded.

“Damn. Nowhere to go.”

The ferals pressed in on them, clawing at their legs while shying away from the horses’ hooves. The two men knew that it was just a matter of time until they were pulled from their horses. They pulled their swords and hacked at the grasping hands, and tried to push their panicking horses forward through the melee. For all of their efforts, the ferals started to pull them from their horses.
Then everything stopped; men, horses, and ferals all froze in place as a new presence stepped into the roadway. Everyone looked towards the middle of the roadway and saw what looked like a little girl stand some distance away from the scrum.

“Let the men go.”

That was all of the prompting the ferals needed before they let go of the men and rushed the little girl.

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Nightmare pt 36 – Flow

Posted by brenatevi on October 14, 2008

She flowed through the landscape, easing her way towards the beleaguered men. She felt their desperate determination as the ferals closed in. The ferals felt strange, as if they were one… ah, yes, they formed a True Pack, becoming an extension of the Demon. She realized that she better hurry if she wanted to save the men, and the entire world became a blur.

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Nightmare pt 35 – Hell for Leather

Posted by brenatevi on October 13, 2008

“Rod get up now! We’ve got to go.”

“Huh, what?”

“The ferals are crossing the river.”

“We weren’t expecting them for another two hours.”

“Looks like the Boss was wrong, and now they are almost across the river.”

“Damn. Let’s go.”

The two men mounted up and rode harder than they had ever before, the horses straining to the limit, men and horses hoping to escape the scent of the predators chasing them. The ferals’ grunts and howls told the prey that the enemy was closing in, slowly eroding at that hope of escape.

“I don’t think-“

“Don’t say it. We still have to try. I’m not giving up yet. Maybe the Boss knows and sends help.”

“One must hope.”

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Nightmare Pt 34 – Trouble

Posted by brenatevi on September 4, 2008

“I’m going. The men near the river are in trouble.”

“Are you sure you can save them?”

“No one else can.”

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Nightmare pt33 – Work

Posted by brenatevi on September 3, 2008

Job was working with the others in digging pits in the streets of the village, and installing spikes. Once they were finished with a pit, they’d put down burlap and grass over the hole, knowing that it might not fool the ferals, but it would slow them down.

“Job, how do you know how many ferals he has?” Beka asked while the two of them were working in a pit together.

“He ate a pound of Father’s flesh,” Jonah called out over the lip of the pit.

“Thank you brother. And let me answer my own questions. Aren’t you supposed to be helping the children?”

“Oh, I get it. You want time alone with the human.”

Job sighed, and continued digging.


“You ever heard of the myth that if you ate the flesh of you enemy, you’d gain his strength and knowledge?”


“For Heralds, it’s true. During the war, we did our best to catch the enemy officers, and instead of interrogating them, we’d eat them whole, and then we knew what they knew. The problem is that we know everything they know, including their entire history. It’s like having another person living in your head. Some think that this is what drove Father insane. I wouldn’t doubt it, since he was very good at war.”

“So you ate a piece of your father?”

“Jonah and I had captured our father in a commando attack against his compound.”

“Commando? Compound?”

“Ah sorry. My memory is too clear about what happened back then. We snuck attack his fortress. We had him literally pinned down. Then Jonah and I got into a fight. I felt that we had to know what he knew. Jonah just wanted to turn him over to Him. I cut out a pound of flesh, and Jonah stabbed me in the back, to prevent me from consuming the meat. Enraged, I killed Jonah, the knife still sticking out of my back. I still got to eat the flesh, father’s thought and memories flooding through me, but only a portion. Some of his elite troops charged into the room before I could eat more. It was all I could do to escape, much less try to recapture father.”

“So you killed your brother over a pound of flesh?” Beka said incredulously, staring at the man that had led her and the others so far.

“We were both right and wrong,” Job said, continuing to dig. “We weren’t going to get out of there alive without father’s knowledge and strength, considering that’s what helped me escape his troops.

Yet, the first time I tasted his flesh… I wanted more. Still do.”

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Taking on the Big Dogs pt2

Posted by brenatevi on September 1, 2008

Altairan Homeworld
“The fighters are nearing the planet.”

“Intercept them. We open fire as soon as they are in range. Open comms to the Callisto.”

“Kaijon, these Korx fighters are nothing but mice.”

“Even mice can carry rabies. Don’t take them lightly.”

“Yes, pride leader. Following your lead.”

“Good. Let’s catch some mice.”

The fighters weren’t caught by surprise, opening fire as soon as they were within range, the rail guns spitting out pieces of metal. The Felinus frigates returned the favor, missiles arcing towards the Korx. The furball was on. The fighters danced among the frigates, the rail guns splatting against the frigates armor, as missiles exploded among them.


“The armor is working, sir. The shots are doing no damage.”

A missile connected with a fighter, tearing it shreds. The Korx didn’t give up though, even though it was obvious they weren’t doing very much damage to the frigates. They just kept coming. Finally, they weren’t.

“All fighters destroyed. Very minor damage to the Callisto. More fighters are inbound.”

“Not even mice,” Kaijon sniffed. “Let’s finish these off and go looking for bigger game.”

Felinus homeworld
“The Calibans are reporting stunning success. Two squadrons of Korx fighters destroyed while suffering only a blown plasma conduit, and ten radiation burn casualties.”

Griffen looked at the galactic map, and decided to end this war as quick as possible. “Order the Caliban and Callisto home, but they are to engage any Korx they come across, especially the colony on Winstone. Order the rest of the Caliban to attack. We’re going to hit the Korx homeworld.”

Korx homeworld, two months later
“That was too easy Kaijon.”

“Yes, milord, but we still have three more planets to invade.”

“No, no we don’t. They surrendered those planets to the Krynn, instead of letting them fall to us.”

“Then we have peace again.”

“For what it’s worth yes. Go rest up your crew. Who knows what foes lie out there, waiting for us to sink our teeth into?”

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Taking on the Big Dogs pt1

Posted by brenswriting1 on August 31, 2008

This is based off a game of Galactic Civilization 2 I was playing.

Felinus homeworld
“Sir, we just intercepted a message. The Korx declared war on the Altairans.”

“Dispatch a couple Calibans to Altairan space. I want an inspection of Altairan defenses.”


Altairan Homeworld
Captain Kaijon stood on the bridge of the Caliban, frowning at the readings before him. If the sensors were right, the Altairan defenses were beyond pitiful. A housebroke trog could have destroyed the fighters in orbit, and had enough energy to take a dump on the palace. The Korx fleets that were on the way were going to do more than that.

Not that Kaijon really cared, but he knew that he was the only force that had a chance against the Korx, and even that wasn’t a certain thing. The Caliban hadn’t been tested in combat yet, so there was no guarantee that the Caliban’s missiles and reinforced armor were going to be enough to stand up against the horde of fighters. Two untested frigates versus two squadrons of heavy fighters. It would be an interesting contest.

On the other hand, Kaijon might be ordered to raze the Altairans, depending his leader’s mood. It wouldn’t bother him if ordered to do so, but from the looks of it, they wouldn’t be much fun. The Korx on the other hand…

Felinus homeworld
“My gods, a castrated trog could take them out,” Griffen the Great exclaimed, demonstrating how all Felinus think the same, from the most common soldier to the leader.

“Yessir, but if we intervene, we will lose all of the trade routes with the Korx.”

“Do you really think that’s going to matter to me?”

“No sir, I’m just pointing out that they are our biggest trade partner.”

Griffen nodded, running his fingers over his whiskers. He knew that he shouldn’t even be pondering taking on the Korx, but since the Felinus and Korx shared a border, with two systems within spitting distance of each other, he also knew that if the Felinus were going to expand, they would have to expand through Korx space. The Altairans and Krynn were just too far to beat up on.

Besides, the Korx declared war on the Altairans, whose military is in bad shape… and the Felinus just can’t stand big dogs. Beat up on a kitten, will you?

“Order Captains Kaijon and Greeb to engage the Korx. We’re going to war.”

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Nightmare pt 32 – Fortress

Posted by brenswriting1 on August 30, 2008

She watched the village change into a fortress, houses being torn down and being used to create barricades. She was restlessly patient, wanting to get out and deal with her corrupted brethren, but unwilling to move before it was time to do so. So she watched the construction, and felt for any sign of the ferals. Finally, she felt something.

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Nightmare pt 31 – Reunion of Sorts

Posted by brenatevi on August 29, 2008

“Oh, my little girl!” the woman screamed, as she ran up to embrace the child. “How can I thank you for saving her?”

“I didn’t save her.”

“I’m not your daughter anymore.”

She stepped back from the child, confusion and fear showing on her face.

“What do you mean?”

“Your daughter’s mind is safe, but beyond your reach. This was the best I could do.”

“So that isn’t my daughter?”

“No, I’m not. But she’s better now. No more fear or pain. She was suffering so much.”

The woman stepped away from the girl, and then rushed to her husband, who comforted her.

“Thank you for what you could do for our daughter,” the man said.

“You’re welcome.”

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