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Fifteen through twenty-nine.

Posted by brenatevi on August 29, 2018

The House:
No talk. Just Guy staring at the house.

Sinful anticipation
(One panel, showing the Sins’s back as they look out the front window together)
Greed: Someone’s here.
Pride: What’s he doing?
Sloth: Just standing there. Lucky guy.
Lust: I really love the tassled hair look. Rowr!
Envy: I wish I could wear pajamas with cowboy boots.
wrath: He could kick some serious ass with those boots.
Glut (turns to leave) Fuck it. I’m hungry

Greed: There is no way I can make money off of this guy. I mean look at him! He’s a slob… Actually, I might be able to make this work. Country hobo chic. Get it on social media…. Yeah, need to call my agent as soon as I can get a body.

Pride: I would not be caught dead in that outfit… Unless one of Greed’s designers put it together, because they know how to pimp up slobbiness.

Lust: look at that emo piece of man meat. The hair, the sloppy dress. The boots, OMG the boots make me wet.

Wrath: hell I could take him. He might weigh 150, if that. He comes in here slobbing it up, I’ll possess him and ram his head into the wall a few times. That’ll teach him.

Sloth: just watching him is making me tired. I wonder when he’s going to come in so I can go take a nap.

Gluttony (in refrigerator): should I leave him some salami? Nah.


Envy: I wish I had a body of my own.

1) Guy just standing there, and his phone rings.
2) Guy answers silently. Mom on phone: Honey, where are you? You just disappeared.
3) Guy: I’m at the Hell House. I had to come before I lost my nerve.

1) Mom: ok, dear. Just call if it’s too much.
2) mom: I love you.
3) Guy: ok *click*

1) Guy takes deep breath
2) Guy walks towards house
3) Guy at door

1) Guy’s hand is up
2) same position, deep breath
3) knock

1) Lust: OMG HE’S HERE!!!!!!!
2) Pride: Get a hold of yourself, you overexcited hussy!
3) Greed: everyone take your positions!

1) Greed: Shit, where’s Gluttony?
2) Sloth: At the refrigerator, as always.
3) Greed: Glut, get your fat, incorporal ass in here!


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Strips 6 through 15

Posted by brenatevi on August 11, 2018

Six – the reading of the will
1: Lawyer: To Mimi I bequeath 1576 dildos
To George I bequeath 2521 Fleshlights
Mimi and George (together) – WHAT?!
2: Mom: Just burn them and move on.
Mimi: no, mom. We’re going to have an orgy!
3: Mom: just don’t have the orgy together, that would just be weird.

Hoping for change
1: Mimi: You knew this was going to happen, didn’t you? Why did you bring us here?
2: mom: I was hoping that he had changed. Looks like that was a misplaced hope.
3: Lawyer: Are we ready to continue?

Wailing, cursing, and gnashing of teeth
1: Mom: is this conversation bothering you?
2: Lawyer: No, no. It says in paragraph 1, section 2 of the will that there is two hours devoted to “Wailing, cursing, and gnashing of teeth”
Mom: two hours just for the four of us?
3: Lawyer: he would have been disappointed for the lack of all three so far.
Mom: good.

Dropping the house
1: Lawyer: To continue: to Guy, I leave the position of Keeper of the house. This is a job that pays along as he occupies the house-
2: Guy: THIS is my inheritance? A job?!
3: lawyer: -The house on 666 Devil’s Cove Lane in Salem, Massachusetts.
(Close up of Guy’s face is frozen in terror.)

Salisbury steak/maggots
1: Mom (turns towards Guy, who is still in shock): Son, you need this.
Guy: I can’t do this. I can’t go back there.
2: mom: I’m sorry, but you have no choice. Last time I looked in your refrigerator… (Salisbury Steak holding sign: we need lettuce!) (Refrigerator is burning)
3: mom: and the maggots were preparing to invade Steakistan during the revolt. (Maggots wearing army fatigues)

Original text: the Salisbury steaks were revolting because there was no lettuce to graze on.

Just temporary arrangements
1: mom: you don’t have to stay there forever. Just long enough for you to get on your feet.
2) guy: I don’t know…
lawyer: if it helps, we will decontaminate the Steaks and maggots, free of charge.
3) guy: oh god, yes. Can’t open the fridge without them clamoring for the right to vote.

Disposition of the house/objects – edits needed
1: mom (turning towards lawyer): what happens to the rest of Cody’s stuff?
Lawyer: everything but the money gets burned.
2: mom: when is the burning, and who is doing it?
Lawyer: The instructions are to provide you with whatever you need to burn it, and whenever you’re ready.
3: mom: excellent.

1: L: I’m surprised.
M: That you didn’t get your two hours?
2: lawyer: I got paid ahead of time. No, I’m Surprised you didn’t get upset over getting nothing.
3: mom: Oh, I got something. I got catharsis. I get to burn his shit.

Bonfire (this fire is huge, twice as tall as a person)
Mimi: Uncle Cody really was an asshole.
Mom: This is the tip of the assholeberg.

Introducing the house:
No talk. Just Guy staring at the house.

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Repurposing this blog for new webcomic

Posted by brenatevi on August 6, 2018

Writing this with Kate, Josh’s wife. Yeah, it’s been a while. So quick notes before sleep.

Guy is going to be the manager/keeper of the house. He’s supposed to be the person that feeds people to it.

“New guests?! We haven’t had one of those in ages!”

“Quiet down. I think those are people he likes.”

“He likes other people? I don’t believe it.”

Still need to write script for the will reading. I think five days is enough to establish that Cody the Warlock is a horrible piece of shit.

Start working on the house right after that. Guy walks in to house and completely ignores the angel-ghosts as they greet him (barely there French maid, and Guy just walk through her. Wrath gets up into his face, but guy ignores him too. Crashes on couch.)

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