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Huh, it’s been a while

Posted by brenatevi on June 16, 2011

So, I decided to revive this slumbering beast, mainly because I had thoughts about “An Ordinary Vampire” that I didn’t feel would fit into my Evil Blog. I started to write again after three months of being stressed out, and therefor unable to write. I’m back on nights, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for two other drama’s, and I’m tired of playing video games and watching stuff. Throw in re-reading my Schlock Mercenary books (waiting until I get the new one before I finish the archives – again {Schlock Mercenary inspires me greatly}) and picking up the Troy Rising series by John Ringo (if only he would finish the Looking Glass series *pouts*) and I feel like I’ve had an enema for my mind (that was probably a image better fit for the Evil Blog, but ah well.)

Oh, and her. That’s a conversation for another place and time.

But any ways, some quick notes: Jeanine’s branch of the Family is related to Aunt Beatrice, right? So what were her parents like, considering that branch is even more messed up that Kyle’s?

The Family and the Inquisition: discuss.

The Mistress’s hatred for all things Catholic: see above. (Related, the Netherlands shard’s reverence of all things Mistress. Reminder: Causality is quite often ignored by the Traum, with ideas from the future affecting shards in the past. While the Mistress is a result of a hundred years of recent re-imagining vampires, the idea has resonated so well that it affected the past. To the point that she was there for the Eighty Years War, and helped save the Netherlands from the Catholic invaders. Or was she? Or does it really matter?)

Any ways, I’ve lost track of my train of thought and have grown exhausted. (Got stuck reading about the Netherlands, the Inquisition, among other things…)


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