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Starting anew with the old

Posted by brenatevi on February 16, 2009

There’s a “rule” out on the internet that the more made words in a story, the lower the quality of the story. I hate making up words; they just never sound quite right. So I’ve started digging into the past, looking at where the words we use came from. Consider the word “magic”. As someone that enjoys fantasy, is attempting to write some fantasy myself, it is a very important word. I needed a replacement for that word. “Magic” just doesn’t have any snap. It’s overused, and like a stretched out rubberband it just’s hard to keep a story together using it. So, I went looking to the past, using eytmology, the history of words, where it came from. Using, I looked up magic and got a nice long list of words that are related to magic in one way or another, but it’s the word “wizard” that showed me the way: zinoti, zynyste, zynys, from Lithuanian. So, it might not exactly be old, but the roots are old.


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