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Nightmare pt37 – Rescue

Posted by brenatevi on October 15, 2008

They felt the ferals surround them, even though they had been at full gallop.

“We aren’t going to make it.”

“We can’t give up now.”

Then they saw a group of ferals rush into the road ahead of them.Yet, they didn‘t stop their horses, pushing hard despite the roadblock ahead. They could only hope that they could ride down the ferals, but the closer they got, the more ferals poured into the road, until finally they found themselves completely surrounded.

“Damn. Nowhere to go.”

The ferals pressed in on them, clawing at their legs while shying away from the horses’ hooves. The two men knew that it was just a matter of time until they were pulled from their horses. They pulled their swords and hacked at the grasping hands, and tried to push their panicking horses forward through the melee. For all of their efforts, the ferals started to pull them from their horses.
Then everything stopped; men, horses, and ferals all froze in place as a new presence stepped into the roadway. Everyone looked towards the middle of the roadway and saw what looked like a little girl stand some distance away from the scrum.

“Let the men go.”

That was all of the prompting the ferals needed before they let go of the men and rushed the little girl.


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Nightmare pt 36 – Flow

Posted by brenatevi on October 14, 2008

She flowed through the landscape, easing her way towards the beleaguered men. She felt their desperate determination as the ferals closed in. The ferals felt strange, as if they were one… ah, yes, they formed a True Pack, becoming an extension of the Demon. She realized that she better hurry if she wanted to save the men, and the entire world became a blur.

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Nightmare pt 35 – Hell for Leather

Posted by brenatevi on October 13, 2008

“Rod get up now! We’ve got to go.”

“Huh, what?”

“The ferals are crossing the river.”

“We weren’t expecting them for another two hours.”

“Looks like the Boss was wrong, and now they are almost across the river.”

“Damn. Let’s go.”

The two men mounted up and rode harder than they had ever before, the horses straining to the limit, men and horses hoping to escape the scent of the predators chasing them. The ferals’ grunts and howls told the prey that the enemy was closing in, slowly eroding at that hope of escape.

“I don’t think-“

“Don’t say it. We still have to try. I’m not giving up yet. Maybe the Boss knows and sends help.”

“One must hope.”

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I’m back, again, sort of

Posted by brenatevi on October 7, 2008

Ugh. I’m surprised anyone visits here, since it’s been a month since I’ve posted anything, unless people keep clicking in hopes that I post again. It’s sad that my evil blog gets more clicks. Oh well. I’ll try to post something here in the next few days.

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