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Nightmare pt33 – Work

Posted by brenatevi on September 3, 2008

Job was working with the others in digging pits in the streets of the village, and installing spikes. Once they were finished with a pit, they’d put down burlap and grass over the hole, knowing that it might not fool the ferals, but it would slow them down.

“Job, how do you know how many ferals he has?” Beka asked while the two of them were working in a pit together.

“He ate a pound of Father’s flesh,” Jonah called out over the lip of the pit.

“Thank you brother. And let me answer my own questions. Aren’t you supposed to be helping the children?”

“Oh, I get it. You want time alone with the human.”

Job sighed, and continued digging.


“You ever heard of the myth that if you ate the flesh of you enemy, you’d gain his strength and knowledge?”


“For Heralds, it’s true. During the war, we did our best to catch the enemy officers, and instead of interrogating them, we’d eat them whole, and then we knew what they knew. The problem is that we know everything they know, including their entire history. It’s like having another person living in your head. Some think that this is what drove Father insane. I wouldn’t doubt it, since he was very good at war.”

“So you ate a piece of your father?”

“Jonah and I had captured our father in a commando attack against his compound.”

“Commando? Compound?”

“Ah sorry. My memory is too clear about what happened back then. We snuck attack his fortress. We had him literally pinned down. Then Jonah and I got into a fight. I felt that we had to know what he knew. Jonah just wanted to turn him over to Him. I cut out a pound of flesh, and Jonah stabbed me in the back, to prevent me from consuming the meat. Enraged, I killed Jonah, the knife still sticking out of my back. I still got to eat the flesh, father’s thought and memories flooding through me, but only a portion. Some of his elite troops charged into the room before I could eat more. It was all I could do to escape, much less try to recapture father.”

“So you killed your brother over a pound of flesh?” Beka said incredulously, staring at the man that had led her and the others so far.

“We were both right and wrong,” Job said, continuing to dig. “We weren’t going to get out of there alive without father’s knowledge and strength, considering that’s what helped me escape his troops.

Yet, the first time I tasted his flesh… I wanted more. Still do.”


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