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Nightmare pt29 – Fear

Posted by brenatevi on August 26, 2008

She wanted to die. His voice, his touch was insistent, crawling all over and inside her, like a slimy, vicious worm, exploring every part of her, and beckoning her over the edge. She wanted to dive, simply so she could get rid of this horrid feeling, but she knew that all was lost over that edge; there was no future if she gave into him. So she stood stock still, constantly hoping that he would go away for easier prey. While she never gave up, neither did he. He wanted her; he wanted the world. And he would do whatever it took to have both.

Then a voice cut through the slimy touch, chasing the worm from her mind and body, and set her free. “Come child.”

She nodded and opened the door, to face a small boy who was God.

“I wish it wasn’t so, but we still have work to do.”

“Yes, Milord. I understand. Thank you.”


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