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Nightmare pt28 – Defenses

Posted by brenatevi on August 25, 2008

“Get the villagers back to the town hall.”

“You know they aren’t going to cooperate.”

“Tell them a thousand ferals are heading this way.”


Beka and the Farmer rode into town once again to round up the villagers and move them to relative safety, while the Tall One made a circuit around the area to get a feel for how to defend the town and everyone in it. He was halfway around the town when his lieutenants rode out to him.

“Boss, the villagers want to see you.”

“OK, let’s go.”

“We want to help,” the mayor stated as they rode up to the gathering of villagers. “No, we need to help. After what you did for us…”

“Good, because I’m going to need your help and cooperation if we all are going to survive. Before we start, do you agree that you are going to do everything I say?”


“I need you to tear down the houses I’m going to show you, and empty the contents of the rest of the houses into the street.”

The mayor flinched, and then simply said, “Yessir.”

“Beka, send out two scouts to the north. Have them stop at the river and watch for the ferals. They should show up there in about ten hours, and when they do, the scouts should ride for leather. Farmer, get a hold of as many bows and arrows as you can. Find out which villagers are good with them and have them gather outside town hall. Everyone else I want to follow the mayor and me.”


“And what about me, brother?” Jonah asked in a wry voice.

“You can’t help, so I don’t expect you to.”

“Oh, I can help, just not in the normal ways.”


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