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Nightmare pt24 – Housecleaning

Posted by brenatevi on August 19, 2008

Day 2

“I beg you, please do this for us. I know what the messenger told us… but I couldn’t. None of us could.”

“What did you do with the children?” The Tall One asked calmly.

“Locked them in closets.”

“Good. Beka, take half of our force, mount up, and surround the town. Farmer, take the other half and move the villagers into town hall, leaving two men at each house. They are not to open the door, just guard it until I get there.”

“Sir!” Beka saluted, while the Farmer simply nodded and followed his instructions

“I don’t fault you for not following the messenger’s directions, but you do understand that some, maybe all of your children are going to die here tonight.”

“Oh God,” the woman wailed, “what did I do to deserve this? Was I really that bad of a mother?”

“God? God has nothing to do with this. While He might have created evil, He doesn’t use it to punish. Sometimes it just happens, for reasons that beyond our ken…. Beyond my ken.”

The woman shuddered. He looked at her and sighed.

“I know this will fall on deaf ears, but don’t blame yourself for what I’m about to do.”
The woman just stared at nothing as he walked away. So another part of the nightmare begins.

“Take me to the closest house,” he said to the two troopers waiting outside. “We’ll start at the middle and spiral out.”

Soon he was standing outside the first of many closets, his eyes closed and his breathing deep. He held his swords lightly.

“Open the door.”

The two guarding the door tensed then opened the door, to let loose a shrieking, howling maelstrom of claws and teeth. And a blink later, The Tall One’s swords sliced her down the middle. Fifty houses, seventy-five closets, with most of which let loose Death in a child’s body. A few tried to escape, destroying the closet door, to be hacked down by the troopers standing guard. At the houses of Death, The Tall One sent the dull eyed troopers to the outside perimeter after he was finished..

But as in all things, there were exceptions. One closet he stared at for a long time.

“Do not open that door. And when the parents come back, tell them the same thing, and that they should feed her from under the door.”

“How will they know to let her go?”

“When they hear her cry in relief.”

And there were several of those, mainly girls, but a few boys. But it was the last house that held the biggest shock. He got close to the house, stopped, and then said, “Go get Beka and the Farmer.” His eyes never left the house, not even when the two reached his side.

“Whatever you do, do not trust a word he says.”

“Who? Why?”

“For lack of a better term, my brother.”

He then walked into the house, his puzzled lieutenants silently following. He walked confidently into the house, and walked straight towards the closet, which wasn’t guarded by troopers.

“Hello Jonah.”

The door opened by itself, revealing a little boy, with blond hair and freckles. He gave a gaped tooth grin.

“Hello Job my brother. How’s father?”

“So did He decide to take sides, or are you here of your own accord?” the Tall One asked, ignoring his brother’s question.

“You know that He can’t take sides.”

The Tall One simply nodded.

“Beka, Farmer, guide my brother here back to the rest of the troops, and if he talks to you or anyone else even once, kill him. Take these.”

The Tall One handed over both of his affrays to his lieutenants, who took them with wide-eyed looks.

“Brother, I’m wounded. You’d trust them before me?”

“I remember the last time we had a family gathering.”

“Indeed. Since He sent me, I promise I’ll behave. I have to, or He’ll yank my ass back.”

“And it wouldn’t be soon enough.”

Jonah simply laughed as he walked out of the house, his erstwhile guards gingerly holding the weapons they held in such high regard. The Tall One rubbed his temples and then headed to the city hall to deal with a only slightly less thorny problem.


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