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Nightmare pt 23 – Silent Conversation

Posted by brenatevi on August 19, 2008

“How are you?” Beka asked the Farmer. “Hope you don’t mind if I join you. I imagine that you lost your wife and children. It must have been terrible. I killed many children myself. No matter how many arrows we shot at the Demon, none of them seemed to hit him or his ferals. I ran to the gates, hoping to hold them there, but he swatted aside the fort gates as if they were nothing. The- they were on us fast. Who knows how many died in that initial rush. Our commander was one of the first casualties, as one of the ferals scaled the walls and leaped into his office. I held a small line, retreating to one of the towers… there was few, then five, then just me. How I got into the tower, I don’t remember, but it felt like only my force of will was between me and Death.”

The Farmer simply stared into the camp fire, silent during the story.


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