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Posted by brenatevi on August 18, 2008

Over 2000 words tonight between my newest short story, my MMO article for Station K7, and my evil blog, and maybe some more work on my novel. All in all a good night. Also bought the newest Shinedown album mp3s from (no DRM kiv. :P) I’ve listened to it several times, and I’m still trying to get a handle on it. Considering it’s been 3 years since they released a new album, it’s dificult to rewire my brain to the new tunes (I listen to the first two albums in the original play order quite frequently.) I’m thinking I like it, 6th or 7th listen so far, so it’s obvious I don’t hate it. 😛 There’s a couple weak songs that don’t quite grab me, but I just tune them out. 😛

So a new album to listen to, and some decent writing tonight. I’m happy.


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