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Notes from my desk

Posted by brenatevi on August 15, 2008

I’ve put the King’s Name script rewrite on hold, mainly because I just haven’t found it entertaining enough, and no one has been knocking down my door based on my treatment… granted, they probably have no idea where the treatment is. This place is organized like my desk, which is poorly.

Speaking of my desk, I had been rummaging around it and I found a fragment of the screenplay (one of the very few fragments, I’m certain.) And it’s done using the actors’ initials, because I keep seeing their faces when I work on this:

Ray: Your power is now mine.
LL pulls out a sword
R: A sword? How about three?
JRD: I concur.
JRD steps in, produces three swords. JRD and R fight over and around LL, who is too weak to party. Eventually, JRD gets stabbed (as in the movie,) but is able to blow R away (Ray does the melty skeleton thingy.

The “melty skeleton thingy” made me laugh and decide to share this. It sounds like something from a Taco Bell commercial.

The interesting thing about the King’s Name treatment is that it gave me a tool that I never thought about before: note pads that are 2.5″ wide and 8.5″ long. I’ve been writing my novel notes on these things, and I have come to appreciate them because it really forces me to keep my thoughts concise, although admittedly almost to the point of being incomprehensible. Which is fine, my notes are meant as a way to outline where I’m going, so unless I die, the notes are going to be a footnote, and nothing more. And if I die, well… I’m going to be beyond caring if my novel gets finished or not. With my handwriting, it would have been hard to decipher even if I went long form (especially since I’ve been jotting before I go to bed; the more tired I get, the sloppier my handwriting.)

So even if I’ve been regurgitating an old story here, I have been working on new stuff, just in handwritten form.


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