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Nightmare pt19 – Argument

Posted by brenatevi on August 11, 2008

“Why are we just following him?” Beka asked in a demanding tone. “I’m tired of walking into town after devastated town. Why can’t we take the fight to him instead of following the trail of dead that leads to him? I don’t think I can take another burnt out, dying town.”

“How many of us are there?”

Beka blinked and turned thoughtful.

“About a hundred, give or take a few.”

“How many feral children do you think he has?”

“I don’t know.”

“I feel over ten thousand near him now. That’s not including the hundreds that are out hunting right now. And more are joining every moment.”

“But how is that?”

“He’s been converting children long before he entered your lands. He had a couple thousand before he hit your fort. So, with our hundred, even on horseback, we couldn’t even dent his army in the open field.”

“In the open field? Wait. You’re waiting for him to enter the Capital.”


Beka was thoughtful again, and then slowly and hesitantly asked, “So how do you know how many ferals he has.”

“You really don’t want the answer right now,” he replied evenly, and then galloped away from her.


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