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Nightmare pt12 – The Fort

Posted by brenatevi on August 5, 2008

They came over the rise to see a fort under siege from an seething horde of feral children. The soldiers on the battlements fought as viciously as the children, but there were so many more of the enemy.

“Ride hard if you value their lives.”

“Can we take them?”

The Tall One simply spurred his horse towards the siege, not bothering to look back. He rushed headlong into the mass of children just as they broke the gates and poured over the battlements. He quickly emptied his guns into the mob and then pulled his swords, hacking and slashing, as his horse trampled ferals. The children constantly tried to pull him down, but his sword slashes lopped off hands and heads, blood spurting over him, making him even harder to grab.

From the corner of his eye, he saw that the soldiers were giving better than they were getting, yet it still seemed so little. A soldier would go down in a mass of ferals, to have a spray of blood puff out from the pack, and limbs go flying to be chased down by the small ones. He fought on, his horse trampling its way towards the courtyard, hoping to get inside to rally the besieged soldiers.
Suddenly, he heard a great noise behind him, and after chopping off a red head he looked back to see his survivors charge into the melee, hooves beating a crescendo of death into the children’s heads and bodies. He gave a feint smile as Beka and the Farmer came even with him and then passed him. He used the great swath they cut out to ride into the court yard. Between the three of them, they cleaned out the courtyard, and rallied the soldiers.

The children looked confused as The Tall One and the survivors charged them, swords, axes, maces, and hooves dealing death out. It wasn’t long before the last child was put to the sword.


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