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Nightmare pt10 – Survivors

Posted by brenatevi on August 3, 2008

The sound of battle echoed down the road, and Beka and the Tall One looked at each other in surprise, as it sounded like the clash of steel on steel. The pair spurred their horses towards the battle to find a squad of soldiers fighting a mob of well armed bandits. The soldiers were heavily out-numbered, but they had already put down ten bandits to two of their own wounded.

The Tall One didn’t stop galloping, taking steady shots at the bandits. After the sixth bandit fell from a head shot, the combatants realized someone else had joined the battle. The bandits took off at a run, not even stopping to check on their wounded comrades.

“Let them go,” the Tall One ordered. “Beka, see about finishing off the others, and get the troops ready to move out.”

Beka hesitated for a moment, remembered his earlier rebuke, and replied, “Yessir. You four, start digging graves off the road.”


“Just do it. There are enemies in the area that much worse than these bandits, and they will be drawn to the blood. Now MOVE!”


“You two, see to our wounded. Bind their wounds tight. The rest of you, help me drag the dregs over to the graves and then slit their throats.”

The soldiers looked from her to the Tall One and back. When they saw Beka slit the first throat, they grimaced and went about the task. The Tall One nodded and rode off down the road.


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