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Nightmare pt 8 – Casualty

Posted by brenatevi on August 1, 2008

They found a pack of them huddling over a still moving body, the smell of fresh blood and ever weakening moans pervaded the air. The Tall One quietly got off his horse, motioning for his companion to stay mounted. With quick, silent strides he walked up to the quivering, slurping, and belching pack of corrupted youth. Still walking, he pulled out a small crossbow-like contraption, and quickly put a bolt in six heads before they could react. The bodies fell away to reveal a young woman who’s legs were eaten away.

“Tell Beka I’m sorry,” she said and then died.

“Oh my gods,” Beka whispered.

The Tall One’s head whipped around, a stern stare affixed on Beka. She didn’t notice, her horrified eyes stuck on her fallen comrade.

“I motioned for you to stay back.”

“I saw that they were dead and I thought-”

“You forgot your training soldier.”

Beka reacted as if she was slapped and she hung her head in shame.

The Tall One stared at her for a moment and then looked away.

“You are Beka,” he stated.


“She said she was sorry. Now we need to bury her fast and leave.”
Beka nodded numbly and helped him dragged the body off the road.


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