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Taking on the Big Dogs pt1

Posted by brenswriting1 on August 31, 2008

This is based off a game of Galactic Civilization 2 I was playing.

Felinus homeworld
“Sir, we just intercepted a message. The Korx declared war on the Altairans.”

“Dispatch a couple Calibans to Altairan space. I want an inspection of Altairan defenses.”


Altairan Homeworld
Captain Kaijon stood on the bridge of the Caliban, frowning at the readings before him. If the sensors were right, the Altairan defenses were beyond pitiful. A housebroke trog could have destroyed the fighters in orbit, and had enough energy to take a dump on the palace. The Korx fleets that were on the way were going to do more than that.

Not that Kaijon really cared, but he knew that he was the only force that had a chance against the Korx, and even that wasn’t a certain thing. The Caliban hadn’t been tested in combat yet, so there was no guarantee that the Caliban’s missiles and reinforced armor were going to be enough to stand up against the horde of fighters. Two untested frigates versus two squadrons of heavy fighters. It would be an interesting contest.

On the other hand, Kaijon might be ordered to raze the Altairans, depending his leader’s mood. It wouldn’t bother him if ordered to do so, but from the looks of it, they wouldn’t be much fun. The Korx on the other hand…

Felinus homeworld
“My gods, a castrated trog could take them out,” Griffen the Great exclaimed, demonstrating how all Felinus think the same, from the most common soldier to the leader.

“Yessir, but if we intervene, we will lose all of the trade routes with the Korx.”

“Do you really think that’s going to matter to me?”

“No sir, I’m just pointing out that they are our biggest trade partner.”

Griffen nodded, running his fingers over his whiskers. He knew that he shouldn’t even be pondering taking on the Korx, but since the Felinus and Korx shared a border, with two systems within spitting distance of each other, he also knew that if the Felinus were going to expand, they would have to expand through Korx space. The Altairans and Krynn were just too far to beat up on.

Besides, the Korx declared war on the Altairans, whose military is in bad shape… and the Felinus just can’t stand big dogs. Beat up on a kitten, will you?

“Order Captains Kaijon and Greeb to engage the Korx. We’re going to war.”


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Nightmare pt 32 – Fortress

Posted by brenswriting1 on August 30, 2008

She watched the village change into a fortress, houses being torn down and being used to create barricades. She was restlessly patient, wanting to get out and deal with her corrupted brethren, but unwilling to move before it was time to do so. So she watched the construction, and felt for any sign of the ferals. Finally, she felt something.

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Stephen King is just compelling

Posted by brenatevi on August 30, 2008

N is Here

I don’t know how he does it. I think he’s something from the depths of Hell, and I mean that as a complement. I partake of horror stories very, very rarely. I just don’t like the hopeless tension of “Who’s going to die next?” unless there are big guns and explosions, which is why I was fine after the shooting started in Aliens, but still can’t watch Alien.

Yet, there is some of King’s works that I find absolutely fantastic, despite it being borderline horror, like The Stand, most of his short story collections, Dark Tower, and now he has dished up this very interesting story with N. I don’t want to say too much, except it’s about a man with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and his psychologist. I will say that the implications at the end of the story are potentially far-reaching and scary. I got goosebumps after thinking about the horrific possibilities.

Mr. King, I bow to you. I could only wish I was as half a good story-teller as you.

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Nightmare pt 31 – Reunion of Sorts

Posted by brenatevi on August 29, 2008

“Oh, my little girl!” the woman screamed, as she ran up to embrace the child. “How can I thank you for saving her?”

“I didn’t save her.”

“I’m not your daughter anymore.”

She stepped back from the child, confusion and fear showing on her face.

“What do you mean?”

“Your daughter’s mind is safe, but beyond your reach. This was the best I could do.”

“So that isn’t my daughter?”

“No, I’m not. But she’s better now. No more fear or pain. She was suffering so much.”

The woman stepped away from the girl, and then rushed to her husband, who comforted her.

“Thank you for what you could do for our daughter,” the man said.

“You’re welcome.”

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A website to kill time with

Posted by brenatevi on August 28, 2008

TV Tropes. As a writer, I find everything about creating interesting, and that website is about all of the little things writers do in writing… That made no sense at all. Well, any ways, enjoy the Tropes, and I hope you don’t waste too much time on that site.

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Nightmare pt30 – Comments

Posted by brenatevi on August 26, 2008

“Do you trust me now?” Jonah asked his brother.

“Yes. Although I wish you had told me about this earlier.”

“Would you have believed me?”

Job, the Tall One, laughed. “No. But I’m willing to admit to it. You aren’t going to fight though.”

“It’s not my place, it’s your’s and that little girl’s. I will try to clean up the wounded.”

“You’re right. He tends to get finicky about entities interfering. Well, still have work to do.”

Note: I have no idea why I picked Comments for the title of this.

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Nightmare pt29 – Fear

Posted by brenatevi on August 26, 2008

She wanted to die. His voice, his touch was insistent, crawling all over and inside her, like a slimy, vicious worm, exploring every part of her, and beckoning her over the edge. She wanted to dive, simply so she could get rid of this horrid feeling, but she knew that all was lost over that edge; there was no future if she gave into him. So she stood stock still, constantly hoping that he would go away for easier prey. While she never gave up, neither did he. He wanted her; he wanted the world. And he would do whatever it took to have both.

Then a voice cut through the slimy touch, chasing the worm from her mind and body, and set her free. “Come child.”

She nodded and opened the door, to face a small boy who was God.

“I wish it wasn’t so, but we still have work to do.”

“Yes, Milord. I understand. Thank you.”

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Nightmare pt28 – Defenses

Posted by brenatevi on August 25, 2008

“Get the villagers back to the town hall.”

“You know they aren’t going to cooperate.”

“Tell them a thousand ferals are heading this way.”


Beka and the Farmer rode into town once again to round up the villagers and move them to relative safety, while the Tall One made a circuit around the area to get a feel for how to defend the town and everyone in it. He was halfway around the town when his lieutenants rode out to him.

“Boss, the villagers want to see you.”

“OK, let’s go.”

“We want to help,” the mayor stated as they rode up to the gathering of villagers. “No, we need to help. After what you did for us…”

“Good, because I’m going to need your help and cooperation if we all are going to survive. Before we start, do you agree that you are going to do everything I say?”


“I need you to tear down the houses I’m going to show you, and empty the contents of the rest of the houses into the street.”

The mayor flinched, and then simply said, “Yessir.”

“Beka, send out two scouts to the north. Have them stop at the river and watch for the ferals. They should show up there in about ten hours, and when they do, the scouts should ride for leather. Farmer, get a hold of as many bows and arrows as you can. Find out which villagers are good with them and have them gather outside town hall. Everyone else I want to follow the mayor and me.”


“And what about me, brother?” Jonah asked in a wry voice.

“You can’t help, so I don’t expect you to.”

“Oh, I can help, just not in the normal ways.”

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Not sure who I’m rooting for…

Posted by brenatevi on August 23, 2008

… and I think it’s awesome.

I like stories where I’m not sure who’s good and who’s bad, mainly because both of those terms are misleading and simplistic. Arrogant “good guys” or sympathetic “bad guys,” and Erfworld has both in spades. I’m still not sure who’s who in that story, which makes me keep going back see what happens next.

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Nightmare pt27 – The Hunt

Posted by brenatevi on August 23, 2008

It started as a trickle, a few here and there heading the same direction almost as if by accident. A few would join up and silently stick together. These small groups would accrete until there was a noticeable horde, silently, single-mindedly heading somewhere very specific. They were so single-minded that they passed by several untouched villages without even pausing.

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