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Nightmare pt6 – Hard Fight

Posted by brenatevi on July 29, 2008

The Tall One had carefully looked in the doorway when she attacked. He could only feel teeth and the hard blows of thrashing limbs. Even without the ambush, she still would have been a hard fight; her strikes were as painful as a grown man’s. Despite her flailing at him, he got her by the neck and threw her across the room. She bounced off the wall and flew right back at him, but he was better prepared, bracing himself and pulling two knives. She hit him mouth first, sinking her teeth in his metal bracer. She let go when he swung at her with a knife, and then dived for his knees. He raised his foot and as she skid underneath, he stomped down on her to hear crushing bones and an out rush of air, yet even with that she was still struggling. He skewered her to the floor, and she went limp.

“I- I’m – I’m sorry,” she said in a bare whisper.

He simply nodded, and waited for her to die.


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