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Nightmare Part 1 – Monsters

Posted by brenatevi on July 24, 2008

This started as a typo. I had meant to type 1000 word stories and typed 100 word instead. And then it became an experiment. And is becoming a new experiment.


The town streets were more empty than pillaged graves as the two adventurers rode through. One might think that the town had been abandoned, except for the movement of curtains, and the furtive eyes peeking from behind them, watching the Tall One intently. The Tall One ignored the town, while the shorter one observed all he could about his surroundings.

“Why are they peeking out of their windows at you?”

“Because they asked me to kill their monsters, and I did.”

“So why aren’t they treating you like a hero?”

“Because the monsters were their children.”


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