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Transmutation of thought

Posted by brenatevi on July 20, 2008

I had started a blog entry for this site, taking on a subject more appropriate for my “demon blog” (trust me, you are better off mentally if you don’t ever visit that site. Can’t say I didn’t warn you.) But a funny thing happened; something I wrote got me thinking about how to use it in a story. Thirty minutes later (most of that was trying to figure out structure) and I had a piece of flash fiction, good stuff if I say so myself (I’ll link as soon when it gets published by; yup, great site, go visit if you like scifi.)

This is the reason I keep writing blogs, even if its little blurbs that don’t seem to have much content. I have no idea what will prompt me to write a great story. Anything and everything might give me exactly what I need to spark the imagination; to me, being a writer is exploring the unlikeliness of the universe. If I reject an idea without exploring it, I might have passed on a great idea, no matter how ugly the idea might sound to someone else.


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