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On webcomics

Posted by brenatevi on July 18, 2008

Stop, or I’ll floss you!

The cruelest shred.

I’ve been reading webcomics for over 8 years now. I got started with UserFriendly, and my list of comics I follow all the time has grown and shrunk, depending on how I’m feeling. Some comics just couldn’t hold on to my attention, like CAD, Sluggy Freelance, and others. I’m not saying that they are terrible comics, and if you are enjoying them still, good for you. I’m saying that they couldn’t hold my attention, which really isn’t saying much because there are times when I have the span of a chipmunk high on uppers. Who knows? I might get bored one night and go back through the archives and see if they twig me again, but I doubt it.

On the other hand, there are comics that I check daily, looking for my next fix. Some nights, I go back through their archives, because I have nothing better to do, and really need a laugh. I’ve been through the Schlock Mercenary archives enough times that I have no idea when I started reading it. Seriously. I know it was over 4 years ago, because it has always been on my mess of a home page. I’m thinking 2002, not that it really matters. Howard always tells a great story, and I’m always wondering what’s going to happen next (sometimes the story slows down, but those moments never daunted me.)

And then there’s two above; the Foglios always tell a great story, between Buck Godot and Girl Genius, but I found the one listed above hilariously ingenious. I mean, who would have though of using floss as a threat? Both Buck and Girl show how wondrously strange the world can be.

And then Evil Inc, a comic mainly told from the perspective of the villains. And I find the current storyline strangely moving. It’s a piece of paper, yet I cared about what happened to it. That to me is what creation is all about, creating characters you care about, even if you just care to hate them (and sometimes those are the characters you care most about, simply because it’s so easy and fun to hate them, and they leave a huge impression on you.)

It’s what I hope to accomplish every time I put my thoughts down, either on paper, or sending it through the electronic ether.


2 Responses to “On webcomics”

  1. Great thoughts on the inner workings of your reading mentality. I do webcomics as well and it is always interesting when someone discloses their reading patterns in depth.

  2. brenatevi said

    *bows* As a writer, what my reader thinks can be as important as what I’m thinking. Let’s say a million people say “Yay!” and 1 person says “Boo!” I ignore the naysayer and go. But if I have half the people saying “Boo!” then I have to stop and think about what I’m doing. Not saying that I’m wrong, but I might not be communicating as effectively as need be. Or they have to be more patient for the payoff.

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