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No writing…

Posted by brenatevi on July 15, 2008

I spent the night reading Demonology 101.  It’s been over for a long time, but I keep it on my home page because it was so well done, in my opinion (as for why, I might touch on it tonight.)  For some reason Faith’s other comic, Ice, just didn’t grab me the same way, but that just might have been my mood; I’ll eventually try it again on a night I want to kill time.  Oh, and watching Conan.  The interesting thing about Conan is that I found it much more contemplative than I remember; there are long stretches where he says absolutely nothing, and he seems all broodish to me (no, that isn’t a word, but I refuse to bow down to Grammar Nazis at 7am before I’m going to bed.)

I pretty much wrote this up so I would have something written for today; trying for a daily update, after a long stretch of nothing.  We’ll see.


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